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Mushroom Share Add On for Target Employees

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Mushroom Share Add On for Target Employees

We are excited to partner with Cherry Tree House Mushrooms this year to offer a bi-weekly mushroom add-on (9 weeks total).  CSA members can sign up for the add-on and receive biweekly deliveries of about a quarter pound of high quality fresh mushrooms, as well as a couple of mushroom treats, including a reishi mushroom brownie and a jar of mushroom butter or spread.  Many of the mushrooms Cherry Tree House provides come from their farm and are certified organic and grown on logs.  They grow others in outdoor mushroom beds, or source them from local foragers and cultivators.  Examples of mushrooms you may receive include shiitake, oyster, lions mane, beech, butterscotch, almond, chanterelle, maiitake, black trumpet, or chicken of the woods. You can find more about the mushroom CSA on their website, including a schedule of what folks got last year in their boxes:

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