Cissus quadrangularis - Devil's Backbone

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Also known as Veldt Grape.

High Light - This plant prefers direct or very bright indirect light for 8 or more hours a day. Sitting in a south or west facing window is often a good location for high light plants. These plants want as much light as you can give them!

Water Infrequently - Water this plant every 2-4 weeks when the soil is completely dry. Before watering, check the soil with your finger. If you feel any remaining moisture, wait another week before watering. When you do water, soak soil thoroughly and then allow to drain. Almost all houseplants will use less water in the winter than in the summer, so adjust watering frequency seasonally based on how the soil feels. For best results, plant in a well draining potting mix such as a cactus and succulent blend.

***The options listed for sale correspond to the diameter of the nursery pot that the plant is in. Every plant is unique and may not look exactly like the one seen in the photo.