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  • Fruits grow to 10-20 pounds
  • Harvest when slightly immature to avoid cracking
  • Eaten in stews and soups or used as decoration
  • Winter squash
  • 90 days
  • 25 seeds per packet

(C. maxima) (aka Galeuse d’Eysines, Courge Brodée Galeuse) A French historic variety squash from the Bordeaux region; noted in Vilmorin’s Les Plantes Potageres (1883). Seed carried by La Ferme de Ste. Marthe and collected by SSE member Amy Goldman at the 1996 Tranzault Pumpkin Festival. Attains weight of 10-20 pounds. Best used for beautiful table centerpieces or eaten in stews and soups. Harvest squashes when slightly immature as they tend to crack. 90 days.