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4/28 Sunday Salon: The Secret Life of Soil with Farmer Dean

4/28 Sunday Salon: The Secret Life of Soil with Farmer Dean

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Our soil is alive! Without it, we would not be. All life on Earth depends on healthy, living, breathing soil to exist. Learn what the Tangletown Gardens and Wise Acre teams are doing to steward the soils on our farm. These revolutionary practices will ensure vitality and longevity of the very thing that we, and the earth, need to survive. While sometimes overlooked, soil is one of the most important factors that affects plant health and overall success in the garden. Sit down with Farmer Dean to learn about why Tangletown has a soil-first approach to growing plants, how we maintain our soil with regenerative agriculture practices, and what being a steward to our soil really means.

Enjoy a peek behind the scenes with information about how Tangletown produces and maintains exceptional plants, animals, and landscapes, as well as how to bring the concepts of soil stewardship into your own gardening practices.

Sunday, April 28th at 3:30pm at Wise Acre - 5401 Nicollet Ave S

Tickets: Purchase a ticket for $10 to reserve your seat, and we'll provide you with $10 in "Tangletown Bucks" to spend at Tangletown Gardens after the salon. Space is limited, one ticket per attendee, please. Beverages will be available for purchase during the event.

Spend the day at 54th and Nicollet! We recommend arriving early and enjoying brunch at Wise Acre before the salon. Kitchen is open until 3:00pm. Or browse the beauty of Tangletown Gardens, which is open until 6pm.

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