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Garden Photography Workshop & Photo-Walk with Dean Engelmann - Sunday, July 21st

Garden Photography Workshop & Photo-Walk with Dean Engelmann - Sunday, July 21st

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Have you ever been mesmerized by a beautiful flower or landscape but couldn't quite capture its essence? 

Join Tangletown co-owner and farmer, Dean Engelmann, for an afternoon of tips, tricks and inspiration for great photos amongst all the beauty and unique subjects to be found as you photo-walk around 54th and Nicollet. 

Behind farming, photography is one of Dean's greatest passions. Self-taught and always curious, he has picked up a vast catalog of knowledge from incredible professionals as he's explored various photographic mediums over the years. Dean has taken many of the spectacular photos that pop up in your Instagram feed for Tangletown Gardens and adorn the walls of Wise Acre Eatery. His debut nature photography exhibition is on display at Spruce Salon until July 13th! Get excited for Sunday’s workshop by attending the closing reception on Friday, July 12 from 6:30-8PM. 

After an informational lecture and demonstration, Dean will guide you to some of his favorite spots within the garden center and answer any questions during an open photoshoot session full of creativity and camaraderie.

Whether you shoot on your phone, have a DSLR laying around that you've never taken off "auto" mode, or you're another avid hobbyist wanting to brush up your skills on your new mirrorless camera before the Garden and Art Tour, this class is for you!

In this workshop you'll learn: 

  • Photography terminology
  • How to manually adjust the camera settings on your phone, mirrorless or DSLR for white balance and shutter speed
  • Focus techniques
  • Composition ideas
  • Lens and equipment recommendations
  • Post-production processes

No matter where you are at on your photography journey, grab whatever gear you have and let's learn from one another and have fun capturing the beauty of nature!

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