• Wise Acre

    Located across the street from our Garden Center & Shoppe, Wise Acre highlights the best of local, sustainable food, fresh from our farm. Enjoy breakfast or lunch in our cozy restaurant, or shop our market and deli, and bring home the bounty of Tangletown grown produce, meat, and eggs to your own kitchen.

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  • Our Farm

    Where it all begins! Located in Plato, MN, our farm is the heart of all we do. Stewards of the soil, we use sustainable techniques to nurture our plants and animals, while taking care of the environment, too. Support our mission by shopping our Farm Direct and CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) programs.

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  • Design Services

    Bring the magic of Tangletown to your doorstep! From landscape design to custom container creations, our teams are here to help your spaces flourish and bloom. Whatever your project, big or small, indoors or out, home, business, or public space, our designers have the expertise to create your perfect green space.

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