Ready-to-Grow Amaryllis Bulbs

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Amaryllis are beautiful tropical plants with large, showy flowers that will bloom indoors during the winter months. We offer amaryllis bulbs planted in a container and ready to grow, or as loose bulbs that you can plant yourself.

Our amaryllis bulbs are some of the largest available, which means a larger, stronger plants with more blooms.

Our planted containers make great gifts, with your choice of bulb planted in either a ceramic pot or woven basket, and decorated with natural elements from the forest floor. Our designers carefully prepare each container by hand, all you need to do is water them and watch as flowers and leaves emerge.

Place your amaryllis in a sunny and warm location. Bulbs will begin growing immediately after watering and will bloom in 6 to 8 weeks. The large flowers last for two weeks or more, after which you can clip the flower stems and enjoy the amaryllis as a beautiful green houseplant. In late summer, stop watering, and let the leaves die back. Store in a cool location such as a basement or garage for 8 to 12 weeks, then bring the amaryllis back into a sunny location, begin watering, and enjoy new growth and blooms again each year.

Light: Direct or Bright Indirect

Water: When soil is dry to the touch, approximately weekly

Ceramic containers and woven baskets are "Designer's Choice" and therefore may vary in design, style, color from the examples pictured. If you have specific requests regarding flower color or container design, please leave them in the "Order Notes" section at checkout and we will do our best to fulfill your requests.