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Arber Soil & Root Food

Arber Soil & Root Food

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Healthy soil is the basis to growing vibrant, thriving, and long-lasting plants. Arber's Organic Soil & Root Food is a concentrated blend of Mycorrhizae, Bacillus, and beneficial soil microbes that gives life to your soil. The easy to use shake-on granule promotes strong root development, nutrient efficiency, and biodiversity in your soil.

For Use On -

Houseplants, Flowers, Foliage, Trees, Shrubs, Transplants, Potted Plants, Seedlings, In-Ground, Container Gardens.

Key Features -

BOOST PLANT & SOIL HEALTH — Improves soil structure and increases access to nutrients leading to healthy, vibrant, and thriving plants

EASY TO USE — Easy to shaker to shake nutrient-dense granules directly into soil each use.

NUTRIENT UPTAKE — Mycorrhizae form a beneficial symbiotic relationship with plant roots, helping absorb nutrients more effectively.

ORGANIC APPROVED — No synthetic ingredients or additives that could pose a risk to people, pets, pollinators or the planet. OMRI listed.

ENVIRONMENTALLY POSITIVE — Mycorrhizae creates living biodiverse soil that draws carbon into the ground helping combat climate change.

Key Ingredients -

MYCORRHIZAE — Mycorrhizas are fungal associations between plant roots and beneficial fungi that allow plants to draw more nutrients and water from the soil. They also increase plant tolerance to different environmental stresses, and play a major role in the soil aggregation process, stimulating life within the soil.

BACILLUS — Bacillus are a group of beneficial bacteria that significantly improves soil health, promotes plant growth, and protects plants against diseases and stresses, leading to higher crop yields and better overall plant health.


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