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Kokedama DIY Kit

Kokedama DIY Kit

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Kokedama is the Japanese art of growing plants in a moss-covered ball of soil instead of a container. The translation of the word is literally “moss ball”. They can be hung or displayed on a decorative surface. Have fun with this creative botanical activity! This is a living art piece, so be bold and explore various shapes, unique plants, and unusual ways to display your kokedama.

Materials Included in the DIY Kit:
12”x12” sheet of moss
4 yards of monofilament fishing line
Step by step kokedama crafting directions and plant care instructions

You can opt to purchase the kit on it's own if you want to use a plant you already own, or choose to have a Tangletown-grown plant included. Almost any plant can be made into a kokedama, but some plants will be easier to maintain than others. Good options for kokedama are plants that are relatively slow growing, and can handle both damp and dry conditions, such as hoya, rhipsalis, kalanchoe, pothos, African violets, some philodendron, and some succulent peperomia. Ferns, ivys, and other plants that like moist soils can also be a good choice as long as the kokedama is watered frequently. Use the "Notes" section at checkout if you have a specific plant you'd like included and we will do our best to fulfill your request.

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