Ready-to-Grow Paperwhite Bulbs

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Enjoy beautiful blooms indoors! Paperwhites are easy to grow with just water and sunlight. Pick one of our ready-to-grow options, or use your own container with stones, pebbles or glass marbles to hold the bulbs. Our paperwhite bulbs are extra large, which means vigorous growth, and lots of blooms per bulb.

How to Grow: Fill container with water to just below the base of the paperwhite bulbs. Refill to this level every few days. Place container in a sunny window. Paperwhites grow best when kept in a cool but sunny location, but can tolerate a range of conditions. Paperwhites will bloom in 3-4 weeks from first watering. If paperwhites become long and leggy from low light or hot temperatures, tie them together for support or snip them and display as a beautiful cut flowers.