Perennial Pack - Tough Plants for Tough Spaces

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Our beautiful farm-grown perennials will add lasting beauty to your yard or garden, as they come back year after year. Whether you are starting a new garden, filling in a few empty spaces or giving the gift of perennials, our Perennial Packs are sure to fit your needs.

The Tough Plants for Tough Spaces Perennial Pack is designed with your urban boulevard in mind. This area, sometimes affectionately called a "hellstrip" can be difficult to fill, as plants get hot and dry in the summer and then covered in snow and road salt in the winter. We've selected some of our favorite tough plants that will not only survive but thrive. The Tough Plants for Tough Spaces pack is designed for full sun, but if your conditions tend towards shade, please let us know more about the tough space you're trying to fill in the notes section at checkout, and we will tailor our selections to fit your needs.

Our perennial packs feature a selection of six perennials in 1 gallon pots. Each pack of six plants will grow to fill an area of approximately 8-12 square feet once the plants are mature. Please feel free to order multiple packs in order to fill a larger space.

Each kit is selected by hand at the time of purchase based on current plant availability at our garden center. Your plant kit may vary from the pictures shown.

If you have any specific plant, color or height preferences, please mention them in the notes section at checkout and we will do our best to accommodate your requests.